Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition

Location  Beijing, China
Size  79,000 sqm
Category  Public Building
Status  Completed
Scope  SD, DD, CD, TDR, SS, PC

  Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center is a modern comprehensive exhibition venue consists of conference rooms, convention centers, banquet area, media centers and supporting facilities that could hold different kinds of events.The architectural design and radical layout are inspired by Temple of Heaven and Temple of Earth. The facade of the main building is like the reflection of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest which is the main building of the Temple of Heaven. It integrated classical elements with modern building technology to showcase the architectural style of Han and Tang dynasties. APEC ministerial meeting was held in this building that featured Chinese culture and etiquette. FLAI is the lighting consultant for the facades and landscape. The concept of lighting design as “Integration with Nature" aimed to show the unique classical characteristics and building materials and texture at night, thus, combining different lighting techniques with the concept of blending classical theme in a modern setting.