World Expo Center

Location  Shanghai, China
Size  65,000 sqm
Category  Public Building
Status  Completed
Scope  SD, DD, CD, TDR, SS, PC

  The Center is one of the four major pavilions on the main axis. The project consists of two glass boxes forming a long medium-rise structure, which is simple but grand. The facade lighting design complemented and enhanced the graphic pattern of the curtain wall. During the day, the two glass boxes is lit up from inside to mimic crystal boxes. And at night, the exterior wall is illuminated by single color LED lights with computer-programmed moving patterns. The exclusivity of the project design makes it stand-out from the other pavilions at the World Expo. The project was awarded the LEED-Gold and China 3-Star Green Building Standards and also a Second Place winner for the Lighting Engineering Design awarded by the China Lighting Society.